Just Like a Prayer…

My normal blogs are very tongue in cheek but felt it very inappropriate when dealing with a subject such as religion. These views are my own…

Religion to me personally is something I find extremely curious and equally scary; to believe in something I have never seen, felt, witnessed or been part of.

That’s not too different (I imagine) from people’s views on my life style and sexual orientation. Ignorance breeds fear and fear breeds ignorance…

Many people in the LGBT community, like myself, have shied away from religion due to fear of even more persecution that they might already experience.

The web is full of quotes, verses, videos and adverts condemning the LGBT community, throwing suspect gay men of buildings, voting against gay marriage or even accusing the LGBT community of being perverts.

If we followed some of the extreme interpretations of some religious texts, the world’s population would decrease by at least 80%. Here’s why…
The next time you hear that child screaming, not getting its own way, not holding on to the trolley, not staying where mum or dad can see them, even not tidying their room; basically being disobedient.
The next time the mood takes you, you give in to your desires, to see if you and your partner have that certain chemistry between the sheets before marriage.
The next time you, say, stub your toe and cry out ‘Jesus!’ or when you’re stuck in traffic and bang the steering wheel shouting ‘oh god’, you blaspheme.
The next time someone decides that Kevin or Kelly from accounts is rather tasty and you want a rumble in the supplies cupboard and your husband or wife thinks you’re working late.
The next time a man wants to be with a man or a woman with another woman.

What punishment would they all, according to extremists, deserve? The answer is DEATH. Thankfully, this is a very small, extreme view.

So I did a bit of research and found that:

The Bible mentions homosexuality 5 direct times……. out of 32000 verses. It also never condemns same sex marriage; in fact, the Biblical David and Jonathan had a formal same sex union. As David loved Jonathan’s soul like his own, they were made covenant. [1 Samuel 18:3]
The word covenant is really significant, as in the Hebrew Bible. We know it as the old testament (Tanach). It implies a legal formal agreement, and to mark this Jonathan literally gave David the clothes off his back, a phrase we still use today.

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