Book Hunting

Earlier this year, Ty came up with a cunning plan to strengthen the Forum’s ties with the local community. Some digging, and interrogation of our secretary, Rachel(1), had revealed that budget cuts had prevented Sutton Libraries from buying any LGBT related books for several years. So…

We could buy books for the library!! Being a notorious bibliophile, I was roped into help.

On the 26th March, Ty and I headed into London and up to Marchmont Street, near Euston to Gay’s The Word(2). We spent the next hour or so happily wandering round the shop, looking at all kinds of books, trying to limit our spending to under Ty’s budget of £200. I must say, spending someone else’s money on books is a very enjoyable way to pass the time.

We decided that, as the library had last bought new LGBT books in 2012, we should not buy any books published before 2013. We also worked hard to cover the spectrum of the L, G, B and T, as well as picking a couple of young adult titles.

We consulted with Jim, the shop manager, and Uli, who were very knowledgeable and helpful. Once we had made our choices, we made a note of all the books so that we could consult with the library to ensure they were happy with our choices.

They were – so we collected the books (and paid for them) on 24th April. Ty arranged to hand them over to library staff a few days later.

They now reside on the shelves at Sutton Central Library, with bookplates crediting Sutton LGBT Forum for donating them.

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