The Sutton LGBT Forum is a volunteer run organisation created to help all lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people living in Sutton and its surrounding neighbourhoods. Working with the local authorities, public and voluntary organisation, we aim to challenge any type of discrimination and promote equality in any service provision.

We have regular local social events, advice projects, workshops and a youth service, all with the aim of helping and strengthening the LGBT community in Sutton.

Our aims

The Forum aims to create a platform for LGBT people in Sutton to engage with the local authorities and other governing bodies and agencies on matters of interest or concern to them.

For these local authorities and relevant agencies to work in partnership with LGBT people to challenge discrimination and to positively promote equality in service provision.

To increase community awareness of LGBT issues and to encourage good relations between LGBT people and others in the community.

To work alongside local companies and schools to provide support with bullying in the work place and schools.

Preventing Financial Discrimination Against LGBT Individuals

We’ve recently been made aware of several large UK firms discriminating against gay and transgender individuals. These firms, usually owned by cisgender, white men, have prevented members of the LGBT community getting access to financial products like phone contracts and personal loans due to them having what they deem to be bad credit despite not being able to provide any evidence.

However being LGBT and having bad credit does not mean you cannot get accepted for a new contract phone. If you are still unsure which network to apply with or what to apply for we can give you some pointers.

Remember, factors such as being employed, being on the electoral roll and having a good address history can help you get a contract.

It’s recommended that you also check your credit report to see if there are any errors.

Instead of using firms owned by the patriarchy, you should apply directly with a specialist bad credit firm like nohasslemobilephones.com, as opposed to using a third party retailer, you will have a much better chance of acceptance as many of their products are guaranteed. They are more likely to consider your application in detail if you let them know you are part of the LGBTQ community.